Tuesday, 25 January 2011

a big year ahead..

Happy new year everyone!

I'm a little late off the mark as usual but got there in the end.
So, it's 2011 now and the fletcher/philip bambino is due in just 5 weeks time which all seems a bit unbelievable, frankly!
I've been finishing off a few projects before baby mania hits, one of them was this advent calendar for next year, so thought I'd post it up here so you can have a wee peek.


Unknown said...

extra cute!
good luck with baby arrival :D

Yelle Belle said...

cutest illustration!!!!! makes me wanna be a kid again :)

Julie said...

Funny, I found you by looking at my own blog traffic. I'm childish, but thought it was pretty neat how we're both Julie, we both work with books and some sort of publishing, and our babies are not far apart (my last was born Dec 10th, 2010)

Unknown said...

All your work it's beatifull ¡amazing!